Marketplace / Audience
Business to business
Research technique Quantitative
Project objective Concept testing
Method of data collection Face-to-face interviews that utilized conjoint analysis techniques
Target audience – respondent Key healthcare decision makers and influencers such as Vice President of Operations, Clinical Nurses, Chief of Staff Anesthesia/Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist or Emergency Care Medicine
Geography North America
Challenges we successfully met • Survey length originally set at 40 minutes and budgeted y Client as such; however, pre-test identified actual ength as 70 minutes.
• Challenging recruitment due to type of qualified respondent


Marketplace / Audience
Research technique Quantitative
Project objective To measure the effectiveness of the Client’s advertising among customers
Method of data collection Pre-recruit and conduct on-premise face-to-face intercept interviews at Client’s retail locations
Target audience – respondent Customers meeting gender, ethnicity, language and buying habit criteria
Geography United States
Challenges we successfully met • Operating at the Client’s place of business.
• Aggressive timeline resulting in less than the normal amount of time to do advance preparation.
• Received and developed project documents and tools on a Wednesday and provided final results to client on the following Monday.

Fast Food

Marketplace / Audience Consumer
Research technique Quantitative
Project objective To conduct research that allowed the Client to identify problems as well as determine customer satisfaction for the Ready to Eat category
Method of data collection Face-to-face Interviews.
Recruitment methods varied by target audience and included both street-catch and pre-recruit.
Target audience – respondent Multiple targets which included:
• Parents visiting specified vendors
• Children visiting specified vendors
• Employees
Geography Europe, Latin America and Asia
Challenges we successfully met • Project required an extremely fast turnaround.
• Had to manage numerous changes to survey documents that occurred while language translation was already in progress.